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What is Neurofeedback?


Brain training, Neurofeedback, EEG Biofeedback or Neuro therapy, is a therapeutic training tool that can be used to improve a variety of health conditions or increase personal potential by self-regulation based on EEG biofeedback.



Spontaneous and evoked electric potentials produced by human brain, can be recorded from the head at a variety of frequencies and give reliable brain markers of the brain function and dysfunction.


These electrical processes can be out of balance or very unstable for some reasons, as stress, illness, genetic predisposition, and brain trauma. Brain disregulation lead to the loss in adaptation and every day functioning and sometimes individual has problem to accomplish even a simple task.


Neurophysiological basis of Neurofeedback


    Since beginning of XX century the biofeedback phenomenon has been extensively studying by physiologists and applied with great success for epilepsy, ADHD, brain trauma, stroke.


    Extensive researches in a field of neuroscience have now shown that human brain is not a static system, and it is able to reorganize its network and functioning in response to experience.


    It mean, that thinking, learning, and acting can profoundly alter substantial changes in the brain and those modify brain's physical structure both anatomically and physiologically.



    The process known as neuroplasticity, brain plasticity or cortical re-mapping of the brain - is the changing of neurons, the organization of their networks, and their function via new experiences.


    The idea was first proposed in 1892 by Santiago Ramón y Cajal and at the present time is widely applying by neuroscientists.


How it works


During the neurofeedback procedure small electrical signal generated in our brain (electroencephalography or EEG) are registered by electrodes, applied to the sculp, and then real-time feedback provided to subject through visual, auditory or tactile modality with the task to voluntarily alter these parameters, and those to teach the brain to suppress or produce specific brain activity in a desired direction, leading to a more efficient mode of brain functioning.



This method was initially discovered for the treatment of Epilepsy and from 1976 investigated further for the treatment of ADHD and several other disorders . neurons


EEG-based biofeedback are capable of normalizing EEG and modifying behavior by training an individual to control own brain functions in optimal way. During neurofeedback training objective information of the brain state is measured on-line and presented in visual, auditory or tactile modalities.



Neurofeedback provide the necessary information to the brain to assist itself to learn and improve functioning.


National Institute of Health, 2007 (”") :


“Neurofeedback (NF) is an electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback technique for training individuals to alter their brain activity via operant conditioning.

Research has shown that NF helps reduce symptoms of several neurological and psychiatric disorders, with ongoing research currently investigating applications to other disorders and to the enhancement of non-disordered cognition


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