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Neuroscience in Human Resource management



Individual Training or coaching is the most effective approach that is widely used in personnel training, however, most experts did not recognize the power of the individual features of the human brain.


However, every individual has a specific psychophysiological profile of brain functioning that can be identified by the combination of neurophysiological and psychological methods.


The understanding of the individual brain functioning enhances the efficiency and reduces the training time, which in turn decrease the company’s expenses.


Neurofeedback for personal training



Neurofeedback is a therapeutic training technique that can be used to improve a variety of health conditions, unlock your personal potential and enhance quality of your life. This approach based on human ability to enhance own brain functioning by self-regulation of neuronal activity, and provide dramatic improvement in learning and behavior.


Neurofeedback will help to take control over employees daily stress, speed up information processing and help to adapt to a new situation.


Neurofeedback training augments workers creativity and peak performance in science, industry, sport, music, and art.



Stress on a workplace


stressThe certain degree of stress is necessary to successfully perform at work place, but excessive, or prolong stress depletes your capacity to cope with growing pressure, hinder productivity and affects physical and mental health.


The stress directly affects brain functioning and alter attention, memory and control.





Ability to focus attention is an essential for prioritization at multitasking work environment.

The feeling of losing control increases uncertainty and fear and may result in carrier failure.

The individual ability to cope with stress is a way for personal success.

Fortunately this function can be trained by specifically designed brain training method – Neurofeedback. 

Individually designed neurofeedback program will increase your attention, sharpen your processing skills and improve working memory.


Brain Fitness BFC offers



The Brain Fitness Center BFC offering a full range of individual neurophysiological and psychophysiological assessments and provide individually designed neurofeedback sessions for managers, business leaders and other professionals that can benefit from stress management and concentration training.

We offer a unique corporate training based on a Brain-Computer Interface approach (BCI). This method assess the individual pattern in brain functioning and allows for selective training of certain brain areas in increase effectiveness.

The presented methodology is based on a deep understanding of the physiology of the human brain.



benefitsThe investment in Neurofeedback will return with:

Increased productivity due to improving of employee’s executive functions (planning, reasoning, improvising, problem solving, and impulse control).


Decrease in individual stress level and improve stress regulation capacity that will boost the ability to adapt to a new situation.


It will enhance communication skills between coworkers and  will decrease your costs for healthcare!