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Audio Visual Stimulation (AVS)


Audio–visual stimulation (AVS) is a division of brainwave training techniques that uses flashes of lights and pulses of tones to guide the brain into various states of brainwave activity.

Another name of AVS devices is mind machines, which is believed to aid in the treatment of psychological and physiological disorders.


The mechanism of action is related with brain physiology.


The most of our sensory systems connected to the brain cortex via the Thalamus, therefore sensory stimulation in a range between 0.5-25Hz can affect cortical excitability.

The AVS provides repetitive stimulation at particular frequencies in a form of flash light and simultaneous auditory stimulation for a specific period of time.


Eyes-closed AVS at frequency at 18.5 Hz has been shown to increase brain activity (increase arousal ).


Just a few minutes of 10Hz AVS able to decrease muscle tension, relax breathing, and stabilizing of peripheral blood flow.





Effects of AVS


Auditory-visual stimulation has been shown to improve a variety of conditions and can be addressed for:


Improving cognition and behavioral problems

Beneficial for ADD/ADHD

Reduce Migraine duration and severity

Decline Depression

Decrease Anxiety


The positive effect of AVS have been shown for Sports Professionals and in Military Forces.





Why Brain Fitness BFC:


The beneficial effect of AVS should however be taken with caution in case of photosensitive epilepsy and in migrainers with light sensitivity.


At present a variety of stimulation protocols are offered.


However, the level of brain activation (arousal ) is individual.


The best possible result of stimulation may be achived by offering an individual stimulation protocol based on Functional Brain Mapping.


Brain Fitness BFC offers the opportunity to suggests the optimal stimulation parameters for each customer with Functional Brain Mapping.


We also offer a relaxation AVS for professionals facing with high level of stress.




You can purchase AVS machine



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